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Welcome to Synergy Software Solutions Inc.,

Synergy Software Solutions Inc., is a Information Technology Solutions and Professional Services provider. We provide custom solutions and services to our clients. We build enduring relationships with our clients.

We focus on IT Solutions Development, Staffing and Offshore Services. Our expertise in large Client Server, CRM projects for major corporations has given us the experience of working on challenging assignments

Synergy Software Solutions Inc., is committed to provide you with the same service-oriented philosophy that drives our relationship with every client. High-quality services delivered in a timely manner, Flexibility in meeting your needs, openness and honesty throughout our relationship. You need great people to drive successful projects. To cater to this end, we deliver exceptional technical talent quickly and efficiently.

Prompt & Flexible Delivery

With a global resource pool and 24/7 delivery, Synergy Software Solutions Inc., can fulfill staffing requests almost immediately. Our consultants are prepared to serve when and where clients need them.

Complete staffing capabilities

We help our clients quickly and efficiently supplement their IT workforce with knowledgeable, highly trained Synergy software solutions consultants and specialists. Our capabilities are designed to meet key requirements: